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  1. Hello Ken,
    Just finished listening to you on Cost To Cost and a must say your amazing!

    Can’t wait to read your books and hopefully some be able to pick your brain.

    Well done,

  2. To quote your home page – “best speaker” I’ve ever heard! I caught your conversation with George Noory last night on Coast to Coast am and could not quit listening – logical, entertaining, profound.

  3. Demographics is EVERYTHING!!!!!! People bring a product
    to market then forget the MOST IMPORTANT THING: DEMOGRAPHICS!!!!

    Thank you for putting it in print. You just made me a millionaire (again). Now, that I am SINGLE I can keep it this time!!!!

    Damon C. Younger

  4. Great presentation the other night on Coast-to-Coast.
    Ken makes more sense than most economists.

    R. Palmer

  5. Hello. My name is Eddie. My son has a small business (food truck) that he takes to different sites. NFL football stadium UofH main campus and private events and he says he does well. Will any of your books help him getting any ideas or understand the business better? BTW, he sells hot dogs. Thank you.

  6. The wealthy powerful people don’t care about economics, population, or workforce. They have everything they need and want less people to deal with. That is why government is not listening to you.

  7. Sir –
    I have just ordered your book “The Age Curve”. Nearly 10 years ago I heard you speak at a KCMA Conference in Austin, TX and have been meaning to read your book ever since. Now that I am retired, I have the time and opportunity, but I am also involved with a project that has asked for help determining relevant identity profiles for the key generations.

    Can you tell me if your findings published in “The Age Curve” concerning the differences among the generations (Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y/Millennials) are still current valid, or do you have more current thoughts on the differences?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  8. Can you, please, send me the titleof the book that George Noory and KGC were describing and talking about several nights ago? Thank you.

  9. I recently bought a copy of Ken’s book and his mp3 disc and do not know where to go to get the pdf files he mentions on the disc.
    Could you please forward that link to me.
    thank you

  10. Ken told my boss at the PEMA meeting in Florida last week that he had a full presentation on his website. Could you tell me where to find that?

  11. I purchased 2 books after the presentation at PPI conference at Coeur d’Alene and only rec’d the Upside book. Ken recommended I believe The Age Curve also. I paid $50 cash since they were having problems with the card reader, and he wrote the order on my business card.
    Greg Schafer
    Haviland Drainage
    PO Box 97
    Haviland, Ohio 45851

  12. Hello Kenneth, I heard you for the first time in CoasttoCoast last night and was enthralled by your message. I’m a Psychologist treating
    military families was wondering about the future of mental health care. What is your opinion?

  13. Hello Ken,

    Thank you for your appearance last night!
    If I get all three books and the presentation DVD, can I have a special price?

    Thank you,

    Dan Nelson

  14. I listened to you on Coast to Coast last evening, and I have spent this entire day reflecting on what I have learned. I have run a diabetes education center for 32 yrs. Over the past 15 yrs while diabetes has epidemically increased, hundreds of diabetes education centers across the county have shut down. We are sitting here as of Jan with no treatment classes scheduled, as we could not even fill classes when we offered them at no charge. We have online programs that never get watched. Diabetes is an epidemic, and we are failing in our pursuit to engage those with this insidious disease and help them prevent the complications that will follow. Joan Heiser, CEO Diabetes Education & Supply Center of the Midlands

  15. Ken Gronbach is the best common sense approach to business. I recommend his books to all the business majors, communications majors and many corporate executives that are confused by this current very chaotic market. As a very small business owner in CT, I am blessed to experience an amazing array of clients from all demographics . When I get overwhelmed by the constantly changing economic twists and turns, I re-read Ken’s book Common Census ,Decades of Difference and the Age Curve.
    I am reminded to say thank you for many years of good advice in your books that keep me on track daily.
    I appreciate your books reminder that people are the part of the business exchange that really matter both clients and staff.

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