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His audience members often rate him as the “best speaker” they’ve ever heard.
Ken is always positive and uplifting. His message is always pro-America.
Companies call on Ken before undergoing major changes. He takes them into the future using demographics and predicts with amazing accuracy what will happen.

Ken has the Big Picture but always delivers it with common sense.

“You were a fantastic keynote speaker. Your message, materials, and delivery were superb! Our attendees and I enjoyed and appreciated learning more about the demographics and how it relates to and impacts agriculture. The books were also a hit. You made me look good as an economist and I appreciate that, it was a big job!” Clark Seavert, NW Agribusiness

“Nothing but rave reviews following your presentation today! Our Leaders Conference attendees were delighted at the content and your enthusiasm, and many reported to me that they felt energized knowing what they learned.” Dean Lambert, Homesteaders Life Company

“Ken was absolutely fantastic !!! In more than 30 years of hiring speakers and hundreds of events….he was one of the best ever! He was funny, entertaining, optimistic and enlightening. He just made everyone feel better about a lot of things in our country.” Judi Sullivan, Community Bankers of Michigan

“We got great feedback on Ken’s presentation. He was terrific!” AIG

“I think that this might have been one of our best Executive Leadership Forums ever”

“You gave a brilliant and humorous presentation filled with positive and forward thinking ideas that will help us achieve our goals. For sure, people were buzzing and excited with the presentation based upon the feedback we continue to receive through [the day].” Anne Danaher, Executive Director, Jewish Family Services

“Over the course of many classes I have used “The Age Curve” as a reference in many different research contexts. Most recently it was a topic of Diversity Management and how to gain a competitive edge through managing a diverse workforce well. My big ending in this case was how dramatically the focus of “diversity” will shift to generational diversity and some of the implications to management. Your work is always a great closer.” Senior Manager: Mercedes Benz

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making me look good in DC by giving a presentation that I hear from numerous sources was well received.” Marc L. Aronson, President & CEO Pennsylvania Association of Notaries

“Your talk at our annual conference is still the talk of the College.” Marci Hosier, Bryant and Stratton College

“I think your lecture alone was worth the cost of the whole conference.” Indar Maharaj

KEN is published in the Journal of Brand Strategy, Special Issue: Multicultural Marketing


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